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Tips To Control Your Blood Pressure Level Through a Healthy Lifestyle Change

It is very important to achieve control over your hypertension to lower down your blood pressure level to healthy number. There are drugs available to lower your blood pressure level, but using the natural ways to lower down your blood pressure level is not only safe, but effective too. Most of natural methods involve modification in your regular diet, reducing stress and exercising regularly.

Higher blood pressure is also called as hypertension and it is the prime factor that causes heart diseases like congestive heart failure and stroke. There are many effective natural methods to control hypertension including lifestyle changes, limiting alcohol consumption, eating healthy, losing weight, and exercising regularly.

Exercises: Regular physical exercise is utmost important for controlling your hypertension. Patients with high blood pressure must exercises regularly for 30 minutes which will help them to reduce their BP to safe levels. Before starting with any exercising system it is essential to consult with the healthcare providers.

Lose Weight: Weight loss is very essential as it helps you to reduce insulin level and circulating leptin. Weight loss also helps to reduce sensitivity of these hormones and prevents the activation of sympathetic nervous system. Aldosterone level and plasma rennin level also decreases when you start losing weight. All these factors improve the condition of patients with hypertension.

Eat Healthy: Changing your lifestyle includes changes in your regular diet. This helps you to control your hypertension. Patients with high blood pressure must opt for DASH Diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). This diet plan includes consumption of more whole grains foods, vegetables and fruits. Eating foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium is also recommended in such diet plan.

Reduce Sodium Intake: Restricting the intake of sodium will helps to control high blood pressure. To cut back your salt intake, you should always read the labels of the food items to know the sodium percentages. You must try to use natural species and herbs in your food instead of using sea salt.

Restricting alcohol consumption: Excessive consumption of alcohol will simply elevate the blood pressure level and it also reduces the effectiveness of drugs used for hypertension. So, limiting the consumption of alcohol is very important if you are concerned about your high blood pressure.

Don’t stress: High stress level can elevate your hypertension temporarily. So, find healthy ways to deal with the things that make you highly stressed.

Frequently checking of your blood pressure level in a good medical center or a diagnosis center will help you to keep it normal as well as to prevent serious health issues.