Insight – What is Positive Thinking?

Positive Thinking, in simple words it is the opposite of Negative Thinking. Positive Thinking is a way of having a positive approach, outlook, thoughts and belief about everything around. Positive Thinking is a voice of mind in positive, which helps people to be affirmative to handle the situation in the life. It brings joy, happiness and peace into our life, mental and physical standards. To understand about the Positive Thinking, one should know what Negative Thinking is.


Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking is a way of having thoughts negatively about everything about the life like failures, setbacks, loss of expectations, beliefs and values in life. Everyone in this world had some failures and Setbacks in their life, which would have been developed negative thinking eventually. The person who develops the negative thinking tends to lose hope, faith and wisdom on everything and became an unpeaceful and unhappy life.

Optimistic or Pessimistic

The one who thinks Positive and have positive Attitude is called ad Optimist and the one who thinks negative and have hopeless Attitude is called as Pessimist. There is a great to examine a person’s perception of thinking positive, which is an analysis called Half – Glass test, a physiology test to test about people point of view.  A glass is partly filled with water and showed to the person whom want to analysis is they are positive or Negative Thinker.

If the person answered that the glass is half full then he is an Optimistic and if the person answered as half empty, then he is Pessimist.  A simple Glass test can make us understand what positive thinking is. Our mind is associated with everything we do, so what we think is what reflects outside and also attracts our side. The optimist person answer shows that he is hopeful, enthusiastic, upbeat and open minded and this type of person can tackle any kind of failures and setbacks in their life and live happily in any situation. The pessimist person answer shows that he is hopeless, doomed and defeatism and this type of person set back easily with failures and leads an unhappy life.

How to think Positive

Positive thinking is not something that can follow in times of bad situation or just to cope with the failures. It Is a Behavior and an attitude to carry on every basics of the life to lead an optimistic life. Positive Thinking needs practice, practice to be positive at all times and in will changes the life dramatically. Think positive, be open minded, have positive self-talk, be confident, admire and have faith and hopes in everything for positive returns in the life.